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JICT Launches Automatic Gate System (JAGS) and Receives Eco-friendly Container Tractors

[21 May 2012 – Jakarta] Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) today unveiled its highly anticipated JICT Auto Gate System (JAGS) which provides customers with more efficient and accurate delivery and pick up of containers at Indonesia’s preferred container terminal.


“JAGS will streamline the handling of containers moving in and out of the terminal. This is part of an overall effort to increase terminal capacity and continually improve our service levels,” said Albert Pang, President Director of JICT.


JICT will work closely with Organization of Land Transportation (Organda), a trucking association in Jakarta, to ensure a smooth roll out of JAGS to terminal users. JICT has so far registered 12,000 trucks and issued Truck Identification (TID) cards to trucking companies for access to the terminal.


JAGS will replace check booths at the entry/exit gate with an Automatic Checkpoint Machine that uses Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) cards and tickets to replace the previous delivery and loading cards. The system will significantly reduce transaction time at the gate and waiting time in the parking area.


JICT has also taken delivery of 20 new fuel-efficient container tractors with Euro 3 eco-friendly technology. This technology has become the standard within European Union countries for hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.


“We are very excited to receive these eco-friendly tractors to support JICT’s yard operations,” said Mr. Pang. “These machines are in line with our overall green initiative and commitment to reduce carbon emissions in the port area.”


The implementation of JAGS and the arrival of new equipment are part of an expansion plan that will boost the terminal’s annual handling capacity to 2.8 million TEU.